Finishing Specifications

Shown below is a list of basic specifications used in the Metal Finishing Industry.  It is in no way comprehensive, and is shown for reference purposes only. Clicking a specification link will bring you to the detail page where you can get more information about the process.

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Please note that only those processes marked with asterisks (**) are currently offered by Electrolurgy.

Basic Finishing SpecificationsOfferedType/Grade/ClassNotes
Type I - Chromic
**Type II - Sulfuric Anodize
**Type III - HardCoat
**Class I - Non Dyed, Class II- Dyed
Cadmium PlatingQQ-P-416 or ASTM-A165
Class I- 0.0005, Class II- 0.0003, Class III- 0.0002
Type I - As plated w/o supplementary treatment
Type II- with supplementary chromate treatment
Type III - (Conductive) with supplementary phosphate treatment
Cadmium, Low EmbrittlementMIL-STD-870
Chemical Finish: BlackMIL-F-495
Chem Film / Chromate Conversion Coatings**MIL-DTL-5541 or MIL-C-81706
**Class IA- heavier coating 40 to 10 mg/square foot
**Class 3- lighter coating 10 mg/square foot
Class 0 - 0.001-0.005 for heat treatment stop-off
Class I - 0.001 carburizing shield
Class II - 0.0005 plating undercoat
Class III- 0.0002 prevents metal migration
Class IV - 0.0001
Electroless Nickel Plating**MIL-C-26074
**Class I- As plated w/o supplementary heat treatment
**Class II - Heat treated to obtain required hardness
**Class III - Aluminum alloys, non-heat-treat
**Class IV- Aluminum alloys, heat-treat
**Grade A - 0.0010
**Grade B - 0.0005
**Grade C - 0.0015
**Commercial - As specified
GoldASTM B488 or AMS 2422
Gold (hard acid & soft)MIL-DTL-45204, ASTM B488, AMS 2422
Hard Anodizing**MIL-A-8625, Type III, AMS 2468
**Type III- thickness as specified, nominal 0.002
**Class I - Non-dyed
**Class II - Dyed as specified
**Class I- for corrosion protection
**Class II- for engineering applications
**Grade A - 0.0016
**Grade B - 0.0012
Copper (bright and matte)AMS 2418, ASTM B 734, ASTM B832
**Grade C - 0.0010
**Grade D - 0.0008
**Grade E - 0.0006
**Grade F - 0.0004
**Grade G - 0.0002
PalladiumMIL-P-45209B or ASTM-B679
**Type II- medium temperature nitric acid with Sodium dichromate
**Type VI- low temperature Citric acid
Phosphate: HeavyDOD-16232
Type M - Manganese Phosphate
Phosphate: LightTT-C-490
Type I - Zinc Phosphate
Type II - Iron Phosphate
RhodiumMIL-R-46085B or ASTM-B634
Silver PlatingQQ-S-365
Type I- Matte finish
Type II- Semi-Bright finish
Grade A - Chromate post-treatment
Grade B - no supplementary treatment
Sulfamate NickelMIL-P-27418
Sulfuric AnodizingMIL-A-8625,AMS 2471, AMS 2472
Tin PlatingMIL-T-10727
Type I - Electrodeposited, 0.0001-0.00025 flash for solder, or 0.0003 min corrosion protection
ZincASTM-B633 or QQ-Z-325
Service Condition IV or Class I- 0.0010 min
Service Condition III or Class II- 0.0005 min
Service Condition II- 0.0003 min
Service Condition I or Class III- 0.0002
Type I- As plated w/o supplementary treatment
Type II- With colored chromate conversion coating
Type III- With clear chromate conversion coating
Silver (semi-bright and matte)QQ-S-365, ASTM B700, SCGPS06006
Electroless Nickel (high, mid, and low phosphorous)MIL-C-26074, AMS 2404, AMS2405, ASTM B733
Sulfamate NickelMIL-P-27418, MIL-STD-868, AMS 2424
Bright/Watts/Black NickelQQ-N-290, AMS-QQ-N-290, MIL-P-18317
TinMIL-T-10727, ASTM B545
Nickel-Cadmium diffusedAMS-2416
Dow 7           AMS-2475, ASTM D 1732
Zinc Nickel Plating**AMS-2417
**Type 1 - As Plated
**Type 2 - With Chromate Treatment
**Grade A - With Hexavelent Chromate
**Grade B - With Trivalent Chromate
Type 3 - With Phosphate
Black OxideMIL-DTL-13924 & SAE AMS-2485Thickness less than 0.000050"
Class 1 - Alkaline OxidizingFor wrought, cast, and malleable irons, plain carbon and low alloy steels
Class 2 - Alkaline OxidizingUse on CRES alloys tempered at < 900F
Class 3 - Fused Salt OxidizingFor corrosion resistant steel alloys tempered at 900 F or higher
Class 4 - Alkaline OxidizingFor other corrosion resistant steel alloys
Chrome PlateClass 1 - Decorative
Type I - Bright
Type II - Satin