Our Company

Electrolurgy, Inc. was founded in 1969 by Eric Eklund with the goal of providing superior anodizing and plating services to the commercial industries that flourished throughout the Los Angeles Basin. Within five short years Eric saw the demand for an expanded service area; in 1974, Electrolurgy began serving customers throughout the entire Southern California region.

With an eye towards the future, in 1993 Eric handed the reigns of Electrolurgy over to his son Eron. As CEO and President Eron lead Electrolurgy into further expansion and a deeper dedication to quality. Under his leadership Electrolurgy became Nadcap certified in 2008. With this accreditation, Eron lead the company into further expanding its offerings to include additional metal finishing and testing services and the ability to offer those services to a larger customer base.

Today, Electrolurgy supports thousands of customers in the commercial, aerospace, electronics, and medical manufacturing markets with a wider range of services than ever before while providing the highest level of quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.